Sunday, February 20, 2011

New to this.

This feels like sex and the city, yanno? how she types away her quiestions in life, well hopefully i am like Carrie, shes my new 2011 idol.

I wonder if anyone will read this? but it doesnt matter, im going to just write my life away since it is what i have a passion for. it feels like a diary, to have a blog even though i suck at diaries.

So until November the 20th i will write about my last year before being legal.
Yes, the big ONE EIGHT, lets see how it goes, so far today has been good.

i went to a Subway job interview, because like a typical teenager i need a job. Ugh.
i watched a movie in a half, The Dutches (which is not for chickens like me who cry during movies) and Julie&Julia , which actually inspired me to start a blog.

so here i am , a normal californian girl with complicated parents, amazing boyfriend, who is trying to understand life everyday at a time. keep on reading if yu like to see what it is like to be , simlply Luz.

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